There Was No Other Way

There Was No Other Way

I have a confession. I love the Marvel movies. My wife reminds me regularly how sick she is of the different superhero movies. Me on the other hand, I probably would go see a Big Bertha movie (Google Ashley Crawford Marvel. I know you think I'm joking. Go do it and come back.). 

One of the most iconic scenes is during Infinity War when Dr. Strange watches all of the possible outcomes related to their current conflict with Thanos. He views 14,000,605 possible futures. Before Dr. Strange begins to fade to dust, he looks at Tony Stark and says to him, "There was no other way." Then he and half the population fade from existence, for at least the next five years. Eventually this wild gambit ensures victory. However, it cost the Avengers and the world a huge payment on the front end. 

When we say God is all knowing, we need to acknowledge how all encompassing that means. It means not only does God know the future, it means he knows all possible futures. He has seen every possibility of how the history of mankind could play out. He knows what future would be like if all the oceans were made of Mountain Dew and all the clouds cotton candy. He knows not just what will happen, but what could happen. 

Isn't it interesting. Isn't it humbling. Isn't it fantastic and a tragedy. God looked at all the worlds that could be and saw a world where humanity could be reconciled.


It meant his son had to die. God knew what had to be done so that sinners could be reconciled to their creator. He knew that sin had consequences. He knew that salvation for the world meant pain and suffering to the one he loved the most. Jesus was obedient to the point of death and through his sacrifice gave hope to all who live. It was a horrible fate for the perfect Son of Man. 

"There was no other way." 


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